Template Auto Install

140+ Breathtaking Demos.
All to Be Installed Automatically.
Hassle Free. Smart.

Jupiter is designed to deliver the most customisablity while keeping it quick for those who are short of time. That is why when it comes to pre-made website, every other theme in the market falls short.

Template Auto Install

140+ Templates

Template Auto Install

Media Import

Template Auto Install

Highly Customisable

Template Auto Install

Designed for Your Sector

Jupiter templates are not just beautiful but functional as well. They are designed to serve real people and real businesses.

Template Auto Install
Template Auto Install

Right from Jupiter

You won’t need to go to Artbees website and download a template. Everything happens inside your website backend. Load templates and install right from Jupiter.

Restore the Previous Template Anytime.

It is always safe to install new templates because Jupiter saves a backup of your current template when you move on to a new one.

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